Meet Our Staff


Keene Training and Consulting was formed with the goal of bringing to the private citizen the training, tactics and knowledge that were once reserved only for law enforcement and military personnel. We provide you the student with real world solutions to real world problems. Our curriculum is presented by a staff that is made up of seasoned law enforcement professionals. They are experts in their respective fields and their knowledge was acquired from real life experiences, not just from a book or in a classroom.


Keene Training and Consulting L.L.C. was founded in 2013 by Paul Beasinger, a highly decorated, law enforcement veteran with over twenty two years experience in law enforcement and martial arts. Paul has spent the majority of his career training and instructing in the areas of personal safety tactics, firearms and tactical operations. His background includes the following:


  • Basic / Advanced Tactical Training and Operations (over 400 successful high risk tactical operations)
  • Training / Instructor Certification in multiple firearm systems
  • Training / Instructor Certification in multiple subject control systems
  • Law Enforcement Subject Control / Response to Resistance Instructor and Evaluator
  • MCOLES Certified Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Certified Firearm Instructor / Range Safety Officer
  • MCRGO Certified Instructor
  • Suarez International Certified Instructor
  • Force Science Certified Analyst
  • Police Academy / Community College Adjunct Faculty Instructor in Subject Control Tactics, Firearms and Narcotics Investigations
  • Black Belt Level Instructor – Filipino Martial Arts & JKD systems


Stephanie is a personal safety specialist and brings to the table over 14 years of law enforcement experience. She is certified in several different law enforcement subject control systems and has been teaching in that capacity for over 9 years. In addition to that, Stephanie is a certified Instructor in Krav Maga, which is a combat system popular with law enforcement agencies and military units in both the United States and Israel. With a background in collegiate athletics, Stephanie brings her high energy style of instruction to all her training events with a focus on realistic solutions to real world problems.

Joel is a veteran law enforcement officer with 24+ years of service.  His real world experience includes IMG_2941over 14 years as a tactical officer with well over 600 successful high risk tactical operations to his credit.  In addition, Joel spent time as a firearms trainer for his agency and also spent several years investigating firearm related crimes as a federal task force officer. Joel brings with him a wealth of firearm training knowledge including:

  • Basic and Advanced Tactical Training and Operations
  • Training / Instructor Certification in multiple firearm systems
  • MCOLES certified firearm instructor
  • MCRGO certified firearm instructor
  • NRA certified firearm instructor
  • Glock & Colt armorer
  • Police Academy Firearms instructor

Joel’s down to earth approach to training combined with his vast experience is the perfect combination for students of all skill levels.


Keene Training and Consulting

“Expert Firearm & Personal Safety Concepts”