Law Enforcement

To our friends in the law enforcement community…

Test ImageWe understand that in the times of budget constraints, the first thing to be cut is usually training. And we all know that is a huge mistake! Failure to train can be one of the biggest factors in civil lawsuits involving an officer’s use of force.  By investing in your officer’s training now you will save money down the road. You will also convey the message to your personnel that you care enough about their safety to provide them with the skills needed to be successful in any use of force situation.

Realizing that your agency may not have the resources to have dedicated in house instructors, Keene Training and Consulting can provide training in the following areas:

  • PPCT defensive tactics / PPCT G.A.G.E.Keene Training and Consulting Law Enforcement
  • Krav Maga for Law Enforcement
  • Handgun training / qualification
  • Patrol rifle training / qualification
  • High risk entries
  • Tactical operations evaluation
  • Response to resistance scenario training
  • Officer safety / survival / mindset
  • Responding to Active Violence Incidents
  • Use of Force / Response to Resistance – policy, procedure and case review

Contact us about our MCOLES certified curriculum.

Rates and fees vary depending on course selection, class size, equipment needs and location.