What's In A Logo?


What's In A Logo?

What's in a logo?
Some logos you recognize immediately. 
A swoosh on a pair of shoes or a sweatshirt.
A piece of fruit on the back of a phone or computer.
A true logo explains the WHY of a business. It sets a tone

People ask us all the time. 
"Your logo is cool! Where did it come from?"
Allow me to explain.

Our company name is a tribute to the matriarch of our family.
The family crest goes back hundreds of years to the motherland - Ireland.
Now, there are a few different variations of the family crest. A few different color schemes, a few different details. But all versions clearly depict two distinct items:

The helmet of a Knight and a Shield.

Two iconic symbols. The Knight's helmet pays tribute to those who serve and knowingly go into harms way despite the risks involved. The shield represents the constant quest to help keep others safe, whether it is country, community or family. These two symbols are the cornerstone of everything we continue to stand for to this day here at Keene.

The original crest is pretty intricate. And to be honest it would probably be a nightmare to print on a business card or t-shirt. Originally we reached out to some talented folks in the graphics design program at a local university. That design provided the inspiration of our current logo, thanks to the talents of our friend Brad Hillard.

So that is the backstory. That is our "why." Our logo has purpose, meaning and history. And I have to be honest...I think it looks pretty badass as well.

Until next time...

Paul Beasinger
Keene Training and Consulting L.L.C.