Keene Notes - January 2021

Thankful for 2020…wait what?


It’s not a surprise many of us would categorize 2020 as a complete dumpster fire.  And although that may be true in many regards, there are some things that we are thankful for.



Yes we know.  There is such thing as too much family time.  But let’s be honest.  Some of us were thrown into roles where we had to spend A LOT more time with our family.  And you know what? That’s a good thing.  You figured out to make it work.  Maybe you came up with new hobbies, schedules or traditions.  Any way you look at it, family is the cornerstone of any society.  And there is no doubt that for most of us, that family bond is stronger.



The thing with COVID…there seems to be no rhyme or reason.  Some people were positive with no symptoms.  Some folks barely hung on to life.  We initially thought it only affected the elderly, then we watched as younger people lost their battle with this virus.  So if you are reading this, you have won the initial battle.  Now go win the war, and don’t take your health for granted.



Raise your hand if you secretly were NOT disappointed that you didn’t have to attend fourteen holiday functions.  While the not being able to travel or see some loved ones may have made this holiday season unique, there is something to be said for not spreading yourself too thin.  And spending Christmas in sweatpants.



For some of us, home is where we eat, sleep and repeat.  It kind of goes hand-in-hand with SLOWING DOWN as mentioned above.  But if 2020 showed us anything, it showed us how versatile we can make our homestead.  Our homes became our offices, schools, gyms, entertainment centers and restaurants.  And although some of that will change as vaccines are available and things open up, things like the home office and home gym may be here to stay (I know for us it is).



Where do you even start?  How about all the first responders and medical folks who never took a day off? Or the teacher who overnight became an expert in teaching 30 kids online?  How about the guy who owns a distillery and changed over all his equipment to make hand sanitizer? Let’s not forget the scientists who came up with a vaccine in an unprecedented timeframe.  And if you are like us, you are on a first name basis with your Amazon delivery driver and the Door Dash guy. 


A special shout out to the stay-at-home parent who overnight was promoted to the rank of “Coordinator of Three Kids in Different Grades Home Learning Program.”  Damn.


Some days you’re the statue.  Some days you’re pigeon.

Some days you’re the windshield.  Some days you’re the bug.

You get the point.

At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective.


Until next time…


Paul Beasinger

Keene Training and Consulting L.L.C.